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Αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης για: Παλιάτσιος Γεώργιος

logo14.gif Παλιάτσιος Γεώργιος , 3η Μπιενάλε Πεκίνου 2008
( φωτό πάνω )

logo14.gif “THE TWELVE OLYMPIAN GODS” is a study on the part and the whole. It is a painting created by means of a cerebral procedure; the aesthetic result is a consequence of organization and preset principles.
Three different images try to coexist and trace their limits; the realistic representation of the forms (the nine parts of the work), the schematic representation of other forms (the whole work of art) and the abstract (the colored elements of the work of art). The work itself is a part of a group of works which conflict with the reasoning of their organization showing a way of thinking. This is obvious in the work since it was first organized as a whole and was then worked separately in each part. Finally an element in the last part introduces a real space with the construction of an open door and a luminous globe in it. There’s a reference to the third dimension permeating the whole procedure through the sizes and the relations between the colors and the conflicts of its elements. This open door is an introduction to the real world making the two-dimensional surface of the rest of the work more observable, separating the representation from the real world and placing the whole material in it, making it now equal to every object of the real world. The work constitutes a part of the “whole” of the world.
The Olympian Gods are a whole, consisting of twelve members, each of which forms its personality based on some specific elements. The concerns of their society, apart from the relations and the conflicts between them, are related to the world of the humans, our real world. The spirit, so typical of the Olympian Gods, is passing to the real world today through the door the Olympic Games have left open. It is the door the Gods opened to communicate with us. The need of their existence is the need of man to discover his limits.

The people who sat for this piece of work are my students, people with special needs. They are like Gods themselves, living in their real world, but for these Gods it’s our obligation to create a door in order to communicate with them. I thank them for all the colors…