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logo14.gif Γεύσω Παπαδάκη , 3η Μπιενάλε Πεκίνου 2008

Painting. Acrylic colors, charcoal, sheets of gold, silver-paper on canvas.130X130cm.( φωτό πάνω )

logo14.gifThe main idea of this painting is the belief that the whole world should be unified with all the people and nations living in peace and happiness.
In a sweeping glance on the picture, we see the world divided in different shapes. Not only the forms but also the colors are divided with a jerky movement. In this way, I want to express the differences that really exist between people, as well as the boundaries between the countries.
I want to override these differences and point out the social, cultural needs of human being all over the world, as well as the demand of common improvement. The many different colors which mingle or gradually the one color replaces the other represents the peaceful coexistence and collaboration.
The vivid colors that dominate on the painting is a wish for joy and happiness.
The sun and the moon in the two sides symbolize that, while in one part of the world is day on other part is night.
The painting is full of symbols. The flying pigeon in the centre of the picture and the giving hands bring, the hope for peace. The five colored circles symbolize the five Olymbic rings but also the five continents.
Branches of olive trees are spread in the five continents. Olive tree the symbol of peace as well as the Olympic games winners’ award.

Gefso Papadaki

Τα από το Πεκίνο…








  1. Παρα πολύ ωραία παρουσίαση των έργων της Μπιενάλε.
    Ευχαριστούμε πολύ.

  2. Χαρά μου ! ( Με αφορμή το σχόλιό σου έμαθα και για την ιστοσελίδα σου )


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